Outsourced Marketing Department

Need an award winning marketing department to plug into your business?

You could have a junior marketing executive in-house or an experienced marketing team backed up by talented graphic designers, digital media experts, web development gurus and online advertising and social media prodigies all on your team.

The average SME in Ireland spends up to 20 hours a week attempting to resolve marketing challenges, which is on top of your or your team’s day job!

The OGX outsourced marketing team provide this service as if we were sitting in your office. The only difference is we will do a more thorough and successful job marketing your company, brand, product offering, service and message. We are not saying that because we are big-headed but because we know you won’t have a team of experienced and award-winning marketing experts that will work with you to develop the marketing strategies and plans you need to sell more, get your message to your target market and grow your business or organisation. Our marketing team are backed up by a talented group of creative professionals, including brilliant graphic designers, experienced and industry-leading web developers, and a multimedia team that provides video production and editing, photography, animation and just about anything you can use to promote your business in print, presentations or online.

Our outsourced marketing services are comprehensive, as per the list below. Still, now and again, we come up with another service based on a client requirement that we then leverage for other clients’ benefits. Like any good business, we are always learning from the industry, from training and our client’s success. We are very friendly and strait talking and over time have developed trust, comradery and even friends along the way.

How our outsourced marketing department works

After our initial assessment and quotation, once agreed upon, we will provide you with a six months contract. After six months, if you do not wish to proceed any further, we will hand over any material we have created and part ways amicably. This scenario, however, has never happened, and we work very hard to ensure it doesn’t ever happen. Your marketing and sales success is our success. We need the six-month contract to plan what needs to be done, including and not exclusively assessing your marketing requirements, developing your short and medium-term marketing plan and roll- out, upgrading your website, brand, social media channels, sales and marketing promotional material and getting initial online marketing traditional marketing campaigns, and online outbound campaigns such as LinkedIn boosted posts and inbound campaigns such as google ads in play. After the six months contract, we work on a month-by-month basis. We only work with companies and organisations to which we can add value.

Our marketing support services include:

Strategic Marketing Consultancy
Marketing Project Management
Online Marketing
Online Advertising
Copy Writing
Social Media Content Development
Social Media Management
Website Development, including eCommerce
E-Newsletter Development
Brand development
Brochure Development
Direct Mail Campaigns
Video Production and Editing
Any other marketing activity that bring success to your business

How much does an outsourced marketing department cost?

It is next to impossible to provide you with an exact costing but to give you an idea, it costs about the same as employing someone directly from college. But you might say that you could be paying a new inexperienced employee anything from €3,000 to €5,000 a month depending on how good they are and what you need them to do. The same goes for us. Before providing you with a detailed quotation we will need to discuss your company, your markets, competitioin and anything else that will allow us to assess how much assistance you need and what it will take to see results and fast.

If you would like to talk to one of our senior marketing experts by phone or in person at our office in Walkinstown, Dublin about our outsourced marketing service, please email us at info@ogx.ie or call us on 01 450 8057.

What our Clients say

OGX are an experienced and very professional full-service marketing partner who has been hugely instrumental in supporting us to create and expand our global Healthy Place To Work brand. They provide great client service, have an excellent team of marketing professionals and, with an expert and experienced senior management team at the helm and an attentive, creative team, are a real pleasure to work with.

Peter Morris, Chief Marketing Officer, Healthy Place to Work® Global

We doubled sales contracts in one year! I was set free to concentrate on sales and bring clients through the onboarding funnel. At the same time, the OGX team advised, guided and managed the lion’s share of our marketing activities, such as online advertising, web development, social media content generation, video production, copywriting and all the other lovely stuff.

Tara Doyle, Marketing Director, IT Support

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